Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sync problems

The one problem I've been experiencing with my new PDA is sync errors when I'm trying to get it to install/sync with my PC.

At first, I would get an error message every once in a while, but it would sync again when I restarted my computer. But ever since I tried to install the Palm Bible Reader and HandStory Basic, it just refuses to sync, no matter what I do. I get an error message saying that sync failed and that I should look at the log for more details... and the log is pretty useless:
HotSync operation was terminated. Some of your data was NOT backed up.

An application on the PC failed to respond to a confirmation query. This application may need to be restarted.
Gee, thanks. Didn't tell me anything about what I could do to make it sync again. Which application?


Glenn said...

Did a quick Google search (it was too late last night to go through all this stuff). Hopefully what's suggested here works.

This is the corresponding PalmOne Knowledge Base page, which has a link to a HotSync Check utility.