Thursday, August 26, 2004

Slow connection speeds

Decided to test the connection speed, after suspecting it of being slow for about a month... Basically the decision was triggered by use of Mike's laptop to test his wireless connectivity. The wireless connection was good, but it was the Internet connection itself that was bad.

So I performs a bunch of speed tests before I called Charter, and the average download speed was 873.25 kbps. High tapped out at 1.4 Mbps, and the low was 100 kbps.

And I just tested again. Here are the results.

DSL Reports:

1966 / 235
Your download speed : 2013612 bps, or 1966 kbps.
A 245.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 241331 bps, or 235 kbps.

SBC Yahoo:

Download = 2.258 Mbps
Upload = 245.67 kbps

CNet: 77.7 kbps

That's pretty bad....