Wednesday, March 23, 2005

(Not) Finding Neverland

New DVDs are typically released on Tuesdays. So since I stopped buying DVDs online, I've been dropping by the Target store right next to my office on Tuesdays during my lunch break, and pick up new DVDs that I like.

I forgot to do that yesterday. As I was driving home yesterday (in the rain), I remembered that I wanted to pick up Finding Neverland, which seems like a very interesting movie, plus I like both Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. But as I was already on my way home, I didn't feel like turning back for it, plus there's another Target store nearby my place.

To my surprise, they did not have a single copy of it in stock when I got there. There was shelf space designated for both Widescreen and Full Screen versions of the movie, but they were all empty. I had no idea it was be this popular.

So I dropped by Target near work today, and did not find a copy of Finding Neverland there, either. Instead, they put more copies of The Incredibles to fill up the empty space, even though the labels on the shelf still read "Finding Neverland."

Looks like I might have to order it online, afterall.