Sunday, July 16, 2006

Auto Cool

It's summer time. And for many people, it means having to park their cars out in the hot sun, where they'll sit like baking ovens. If only there was some way to effortlessly keep your car cool, while you're busy working, studying in class, etc.

So a solar-powered fan to blow the hot air out of your car sounds like a pretty good idea, right? Keep waiting, America. It doesn't work.

Actually, I only caught the end of the infomercial that was pushing this product, so I didn't catch any of the details on how it's supposed to work, except that you're supposed to attach it to your window, and it purports to keep your car cool. Car shades for your windshield don't really do much, except maybe keep your steering wheel from becoming scalding hot, but it's still hot in your car. So of course I'm interested when something claims to be able to keep your car cool while it's sitting in the sun (a comfortable 75°, claims the infomercial), and looked it up in Google to find out how it's supposed to work.

With just a dinky little fan, there's no way it will keep your car cool. Even if it's a large fan, when the temperature outside is 90° or higher, how is a fan supposed to keep your car at a cool 75°?