Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Snakes... on a plane!

If you went to watch X-Men: The Last Stand over the weekend, you might have seen a teaser trailer for Snakes on a Plane. And depending on the type of audience you were with, you might have heard cheering for the teaser for such a movie.

And you may be wondering why. Here's why.

Samuel L. Jackson revealed that he was involved with this movie on The Ellen Show. Pretty soon, it developed a following on the Internet.

He went back after shooting for the movie wrapped, by which time there have been many spoof trailers made.

An actual clip from the movie is shown, then he goes on to explain some of the reshoots that had to happen due to the Internet following.

Here's a clip from Google Current, which further explains the online popularity, and also includes the actual trailer for the movie.

You can find a whole slew of spoof trailers on various online video sites, such as YouTube and Google Video.