Friday, May 05, 2006

Allen Wrench of Doom

Ever since I got my car back from AAMCO, I've noticed that the tire on my front passenger side is running a bit flat. After checking the pressure of my tires several times (and pumping in air after each check), I was certain that it's got a leak. The tire on the rear driver side also seemed to be leaking, albeit not as much as the one in the front.

So, on Monday, I went to Firestone (closest shop near work) on my lunch break, and had them check and patch my tires. As it turned out, three of my tires had been punctured in four places. Two in the front passenger tire (hence the reason it was leaking faster than the rear), and one each in the rear. The one in the rear passenger tire was near the sidewall, and could not be repaired, but as it wasn't leaking and the thread was nearing the end of its life, I'll simply replace it in a short while.

A few minutes after they started working on my tires, they pulled out an Allen wrench from one of the tires. The only place I can think of that I've been to, that would have an Allen wrench lying on the ground, would be AAMCO. Hmm.


Donald said...

Ok, which AAMCO did you go? Time to start a black list...

How do I add blog links on blogster, btw?

Glenn said...

It's the one in Alhambra--close to my work--on Valley near Atlantic.