Friday, October 22, 2004

Armor All CarWash Wipes

So, after several days of rain, it looks like it's gonna be clear for a short while--the weather forecast says there's more rain coming next week--so since I've used up my last sheet of this stuff, I figure I'll just pop into the nearest auto parts store and pick it up, right?

No such luck.

The nearest auto parts store happens to be an Autozone right across the street, which is where I picked up my first pack of Armor All's CarWash Wipes. Couldn't find it. Went to several other stores--a Kragen's down the street, another Autozone in Alhambra (close to work), and the Pep Boys on my way home--Nada. Strange how none of these stores seem to be carrying them. Maybe I'll ask a clerk next time.

At any rate, I'll be going to the car wash tomorrow. But I'd like to have some of these car wash wipes handy in case it does rain again.