Thursday, December 16, 2004

New DVDs

Picked up I, Robot, Collateral, and the Collector's Gift Set of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on Tuesday at Target. DigitalEyes was supposed to ship me the LOTR gift set last week, but somehow the credit card didn't go through, even though I just sent them another payment. Which is too bad, since they're selling it for $59.95, while Target has it for $69.95. But I guess it evened out, since they're selling I, Robot and Collateral for $21.99 and $22.95, respectively, while Target has them for $15.99 each.

So I watched I, Robot on Tuesday night, and just finished watching Collateral. Both were good, in my opinion. I didnt think I, Robot was a bad as some of the reviews I've heard led me to believe, but I guess the more negative reviews were mostly based on the fact that the story had little, if nothing, to do with any of Isaac Asimov's stories from the book of the same title, with the exception of the famous "three rules," and Dr. Calvin. But obviously no one expected to walk into the theater to watch a series of short stories.

It doesn't look like the extended version of The Return of the King has any of the scenes I'm looking forward to, but I may be surprised yet. The whole extended scene of how Smeagol became Gollum was kind of useless, though. If you're gonna extend the movie, you should be extending on the stuff you didn't include from the novel, not from a short blurb mentioned in an earlier book... that's my opinion.