Monday, February 12, 2007

Groundhog Day!

No, this is not really about the festival that's celebrated on February 2. It's not about the movie with the same title, either.

Nope. This post is about Day Break, a drama series that began airing on ABC last November, as a midseason replacement for Lost, and deals with the concept of a time loop--that is, the protagonist wakes up each morning to find himself reliving the same day (hence its connection to the Groundhog Day movie). It differs, of course, in that it's a much more serious story. Also, the person experiencing the time loop retains all of his injuries from the previous day.

The show was on hiatus shortly after it began to air, and I had followed each episode that aired. As it turns out, while ABC will no longer air the show on TV, it has decided to continue the series on the web. I only found out about this as I was reading the TV-specific blogs on TV