Sunday, January 07, 2007

Something I should ask about...

Do I Creep You Out
"Weird Al" Yankovic

I know that you don't know me very well
We've barely met, but I can surely tell
No one will ever love you like I do
I like to feel the warm spot on your chair
Sometimes I drool, and usually I stare
My precious one
I save that gum
That you threw in the garbage

You're the one I dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I creep you out?
Every time I shake your hand now
Wanna stick your fingers in my mouth
Do I creep you out?

Call you every night and hang up
Gonna carve you name in my leg!
In my leg! Oh-oh

Something I should ask about
Can I sniff the pit stains on your blouse?
And do I creep you, do I creep you out?

Oh the only question
Is do I creep you out?
Know exactly where you live now
Follow you from work right to your house
Do I creep you out?
Do I creep you out?

This song is set to the tune of American Idol winner Taylor Hicks' "Do I Make You Proud," which explains the way Weird Al looks in the video by JibJab. There was also a video on YouTube that synced Weird Al's version to a "live performance" by Taylor Hicks. The sync was perfect, and very funny when you listen to the lyrics and watch Taylor's performance. It's too bad I can't find it now... I guess it's been removed.